We are a firm that performs a contract all by ourselves or through the use of subcontractors whose activities we supervise and coordinate.

A reimbursable contract, also termed a cost plus contract, is a contract where a contractor is paid for all of its allowed expenses, plus additional payment to allow for a profit.

An agreement between a design professional and owner, or between a contractor and owner, reaching a mutually agreed upon price based on the scope of professional services, or extent of construction work.

Lump sum contract in construction is one of the construction contracts, which is sometimes referred to as stipulated-sum, a single price is quoted for the entire project based on plans and specifications and covers the entire project and the owner knows exactly how much the work will cost in advance.

A management contract is an arrangement under which operational control of an enterprise is vested by contract in a separate enterprise that performs the necessary managerial functions in return for a fee. Management contracts involve not just selling a method of doing things but involve actually doing them.

Our Clientele

  • International corporations
  • Individuals and Private Companies
  • Property Developers
  • Financial Institutions
  • Real estate developers
  • Churches
  • Others