Shemaiah Global Traders Limited is a duly registered cooperation in Kenya. We are an industry-leading infrastructure business spanning utilities, real estate, and transport, and energy with robust business operations in East Africa with over Kshs. 200 Million worth of projects under mandate. These businesses form the backbone of the global economy, supporting the endeavors of individuals and corporations.

Our cumulative portfolio comprises of over 46 real estate projects – 23 of these projects are completed, 20 are in various stages of development, and 3 are at the concept stage.

Since inception our excellence in handling huge projects and the ability to deliver such projects within specifications, in time and budget, Shemaiah Global Traders Limited brand has grown exponentially. Due to our consistency in quality and integrity, we have won the trust of private clients thereby attracting magnificent projects from prestigious clientele in East Africa.

Additionally, Shemaiah Global Traders Limited has partnered with many global brands in construction and funds manager. Most of whom have chosen to partner with us to further their business interests in our region. Our strict adherence to quality works, professionalism and our endeavors to ensure all our clients realize value for money in any project have greatly contributed to the success and vibrant business we are enjoying, and it’s on those same foundational blocks that we hope to build a solid, trustworthy brand of global acclaim.

Shemaiah Global Traders Limited welcomes your partnership and friendship, whether you are a manufacturer, a developer, a contractor, a consultant or an agent. We guarantee your partnership with us will enhance business opportunities and create higher revenues for the venture.

To be a leading innovation driven company providing timely solutions while creating utmost customer delight for all segments of customers in the region and beyond.

To be the most admired and sought after contractor, businesses transformers and projects managers in Africa and beyond.

Shemaiah Global Traders Limited has keen interest on all types real estate projects, energy, oil & gas. We pride in being associated with some of the most sensational projects in the region, be they, buildings projects or mega Infrastructure projects.

We specialize in;

  • EPC + F projects
  • PPP Projects
  • Normal turnkey projects
  • Project Management
  • Normal Construction Projects e.t.c


We deliver on our commitments while maintaining the highest moral and professional standards.


We align personal and departmental agendas to achieve overall company success.


We make it our personal responsibility to carry out our Mission.


We are committed to performance, results, and achievement of our measurable goals.


We provide unparalleled professionalism and exceptional service, continuing as front runners in innovation through technology and best practice.